Learn the secrets to your Cyber Insurance PAYING OUT if you get a ransomware outbreak!

  • #1 Five biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to cyber-insurance.

    Cyber insurance policies are designed to manage not only your risk but more importantly, they are designed to mitigate the insurer's risk as a result of you being the victim of a cyber attack

  • #2 Get a glimpse into a ransomware negotiation

    Watch how negotiators liaise with criminals, either for the release of data that’s being held hostage, or for assurances that they won't release sensitive information – including trade secrets, or personal identifiable information (PII) that they have stolen.

  • #3 Global Risk Report

    Among the highest risks of the next ten years its been highlighted: businesses' effectiveness to manage their cyber risk and responding to cyber security threats during the next decade.

What Our Customers Say

IT Peace Of Mind

Mike Ellis, Founder - 43 Clicks North

"The biggest value Think Cloud brought to us is having someone we can turn to, saying I have this problem how do we solve it. We have access to a team of technology experts who we can call upon providing me with headspace and IT peace of mind."

Suicide Prevention In The COVID-19 Era, transforming threat into an opportunity

Luke Ambler, Founder & Chair - Andys Man Club

"Think Cloud has made life so much simpler for us. The big challenges we faced through lockdown was keeping everyone working from home safely, securely and straight away. We also had the added challenge of taking all of our peer support groups online during the pandemic. We can’t put a value on the tools and systems Think Cloud has provided us because the value is saving lives."

Digital Catalyst

Mark Modena - Director of Performance Improvement Services at Winning Moves

We’ve found Think Cloud to be proactive collaborators as partners delivering digital technology support to Humber SMEs.(#GrowMySME Digital Catalyst Scheme) They have all the requisite technical knowledge and experience, but just as importantly, work hard to understand the real needs and identify long term, cost-effective solutions appropriate to each individual client.

Absolute Complete Trust

Phil Ellerby, Founder & CEO - Northern Accountants

"They really have kicked our business on into the next stage. We wouldn’t have been able to do the things we’ve done to date regarding the reorganisation & restructuring of the business if it hadn’t been for Think Cloud. They assessed our current position, bringing alternative solutions that enhanced us. We have absolute complete trust if they say it needs to be done it gets done without question. The service is second to none!"


Co-Founder | Innovation & Change

Leon McQuade

I love online learning as its so useful, in that it can connect with us on a much deeper level. We often forget us humans are just like other animals and we learn best when we move through the show, participate and observation learning model. We've all heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” which is fundamentally how we learn. Elearning provides a platform with live, verbal, and symbolic learning packed with data making learner outcomes stronger. What's not to love!

Chief Technology Officer | Co-Founder

Scott Clark

The way of teaching is changing and updating daily. The traditional and old paradigm of education is not demanding anything now of us as we evolve. Television didn’t transform education. Neither will the internet. Accessing and adapting to technology and bringing those to our teams is the major challenge. To drive digital transformation we must equip our teams with the best in class technologies to transform the pace of learning needed today.

Chief Operations Officer

Dean Bulfield

The biggest benefit of eLearning is the complete lack of pressure. Because you get to set your own timeframe and learn only when you have time, eLearning makes learning not something you have to get over with, but something you look forward to! From experience, you learn more when you enjoy the process.