Chief Operations Officer

Dean Bulfield

The biggest benefit of eLearning is the complete lack of pressure. Because you get to set your own timeframe and learn only when you have time, eLearning makes learning not something you have to get over with, but something you look forward to! From experience, you learn more when you enjoy the process.

Co-Founder | Chief AI Officer

Leon McQuade

I love online learning as its so useful, in that it can connect with us on a much deeper level. We often forget us humans are just like other animals and we learn best when we move through the show, participate and observation learning model. We've all heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” which is fundamentally how we learn. Elearning provides a platform with live, verbal, and symbolic learning packed with data making learner outcomes stronger. What's not to love!

Chief Technology Officer | Co-Founder

Scott Clark

The way of teaching is changing and updating daily. The traditional and old paradigm of education is not demanding anything now of us as we evolve. Television didn’t transform education. Neither will the internet. Accessing and adapting to technology and bringing those to our teams is the major challenge. To drive digital transformation we must equip our teams with the best in class technologies to transform the pace of learning needed today.

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