What You Will Learn

  • PromptGPT:

    Master the art of prompt engineering 🎨 and learn how to effectively communicate with AI to achieve incredible results. 💬🚀

  • MarketingGPT:

    Generate targeted content with 🤖 AI, capitalise on trends, create ads, newsletters, media campaigns and more !🦾

  • BeyonGPT:

    1000+ AI Powered Tools + Plugins Powerful Image, Video, Voice + More AI Tools 1000x Your Productivity & Creativity ⏰💪

The Ultimate AI Edge: Your Secret Weapon to outpace the competition

Are you prepared for Enhanced Intelligence (Natural Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence) to effortlessly generate:

Use Natural Intelligence + Artificial Intelligence to effortlessly generate: 

Content Creation and Marketing

Professional and Personal Development

Planning and Analysis

🔎 Effective SEO Keywords

📚 Compelling E-Books

🖋️ Captivating Blogs

📣 Persuasive Advertisements

📰 Informative Newsletters

💡 Thought-Provoking Articles

💬 Engaging Social Media Posts

💼 Memorable Company Slogans

🎤 Impactful Presentations

🎲 Interactive Quizzes

💌 Personalised Emails

🎧 Captivating Podcasts

📖 Well-Crafted Lesson Plans

🎶 Catchy Song Lyrics

💡 Inspiring Content Ideas

🗒️ Well-Organised To-Do Lists

🗓️ Customised Schedules

📖 Captivating Personal Biographies

📄 Polished Resumes

🎙️ Realistic Mock Interviews

📝 Concise Summaries

💻 Interactive Online Courses

🎓 Insightful Tutorials

📚 Imaginative Stories

📋 Persuasive Job Proposals

📑 Foolproof Contracts

🖊️ Insightful Essays

📈 Well-Structured Project Outlines

📝 Motivating Personal Goal Statements

🍽️ Tailored Meal Plans

📊 Valuable Market Insights

🌐 Seamless Language Translations

📈 Comprehensive Business Plans

💻 Efficient Code

🎯 Precisely Targeted Ads

✅ Trustworthy Reviews

🎉 Successful Marketing Campaigns

🏷️ Captivating Product Descriptions

📌 Impactful Branding Guidelines

💰 Well-Calculated Financial Plans

🎬 Video Scripts

💡 Innovative Startup Ideas

📊 Business Performance Metrics

Are You Staying Ahead of the Curve with AI?

Our e-learning course is packed with interactive modules, expert insights, and practical exercises that will empower you to navigate the AI landscape with confidence. 

💻📚Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your career and join the forefront of the AI revolution today!

🔮💰Enroll now and get ready to embark on a transformative learning journey that will elevate your skills and help you build a stronger, more innovative future for you. 📈🌍


Delivering Digital Technology Support To SMEs


#GrowMySME #DigitalTechCumbria

Mark Modena - Director of Performance Improvement Services at Winning Moves Ltd

We’ve found Think Cloud to be proactive collaborators as partners delivering digital technology support to Humber SMEs. They have all the requisite technical knowledge and experience, but, just as importantly, work hard to understand the real needs and identify long term, cost-effective solutions appropriate to each individual client.

Course Instructors

Co-Founder | Chief AI Officer

Leon McQuade

I love online learning as its so useful, in that it can connect with us on a much deeper level. We often forget us humans are just like other animals and we learn best when we move through the show, participate and observation learning model. We've all heard the phrase “monkey see, monkey do” which is fundamentally how we learn. Elearning provides a platform with live, verbal, and symbolic learning packed with data making learner outcomes stronger. What's not to love!

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Section 1: Welcome To The Course!

    • 1. Start Here First (Important Course Details) 3mins

    • 2. Meet Your Instructor

    • 3. Sneak Peak of What's To Come!

    • 🔥2024 Course Update Announcement🔥 Copilot + Claude2 + Gemini + Done For You Responsible AI Usage Policy + Toolkit + Personal Finance Society Live AI Assitant.

  • 2

    🔥2024 Update🔥 Surfing The Cognitive Wave - PFS Summer XCHANGE Keynote

  • 3

    Section 2: ChatGPT: Basics

    • 1. What's The Hype Of ChatGPT

    • 2. Sign Up To ChatGPT - 👀 READ THE SMALL PRINT

    • 3. Website Layout And User Interface

    • 4. Decoding Tokens: With The T.O.K.E.N System

    • 🔥2024 Update🔥 Claude 2 Now Has Larger Token Limits Which We Will See All Large Language Models Follow

  • 4

    Section 3: ChatGPT: Custom Prompt Engineering + Done For You Guide

    • 1. Master Chain Of Thought Prompting For Better Outputs

    • 2. C.L.E.A.R Outputs - Mastering Modifiers with ChatGBT

    • 3. The Power Of Prompt Priming - Prompt Engineering In Action

    • 4. Effective Prompt Revisions + 14 Techniques to swipe and deploy

    • 200 + Done For You Prompting Ideas for ChatGPT

    • LIVE ChatGPT Prompt Generator

    • 35 Page! Done For You Prompt Engineering Guide + Hit Download In Top Right Of Screen

  • 5

    Section 4: ChatGPT: Instantly Simplify, Proofread, Reorganise, Complex Information

    • 1. Proofreading Text

    • 1.1 Proofreading Done For You Prompts And Example

    • 2. Review and Improve Writing

    • 3. Simplify And Summarise Dense Content

    • 4. Create Multiple Choice, True or False, And Essay Questions

    • 5. Re-Organise Data: Basic

    • 6. Learning Activity: Synthesize Complex Information

    • Bonus Download: Simplify And Summarise Dense Content

  • 6

    Section 5: ChatGPT Agents To Get Things Done

    • 1. PromptGPT

    • 2. Commercial Director Master Prompt

    • 3. ViralGPT

    • 4. ViralGPT Master Prompt

    • 5. StrategyGPT

    • 6. StrategyGPT Master Prompt

    • 7. ContentCreationGPT

    • 8. ContentCreationGPT Master Prompt

    • 9. DietitianGPT

    • 10. DietitianGPT Master Prompt

  • 7

    Section 6: AI Powered Image, Video And Voice Introduction

  • 8

    Section 7: AI Workplace Productivity Google Workspace, Microsoft 365

  • 9

    Section 8: AI Powered AP Development + Beyond ChatGPT

    • 1. Beyond ChatGPT Open AI Playground

    • 🔥2024 Update🔥 - Coding With Claude

    • 🔥2024 Update🔥 Hands on with Google Gemini Interacting with multimodal AI

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next..... Bonus Resources

    • One last thing before you go.. Must complete for certification and to download 1000+ AI Powered Tools That Should Be Illegal

    • BONUS DOWNLOAD: More than 1000 Artificial Intelligence AI-powered tools - (THIS LIST SHOULD BE ILLEGAL) Done For You Responsible AI Usage Policy Toolkit